Wordle Italiano

The world’s most popular Wordle game is back, with a wordle italiano version. Guess the words! In order to figure out the secret word, you must use logic, intuition, and vocabulary. Wordle online offers approximately 2,500 English-language vocabulary terms from which players can guess a 5-letter word. There are six chances to guess the mystery word, and at the end of each one, you receive a hint.

You can play this game in your native language if you speak Italian. You can play in unlimited or daily mode, and you can choose languages, word lengths, and difficulty levels.

Wordle Italiano Gameplay

A word in Italian appears in the game. You have six chances to guess the hidden Italian word. You can start by typing any word on the first line. Green indicates a correct guess, yellow indicates an incorrect guess, and gray indicates a letter that isn’t in the word. To figure out what this word is, you have to enter different words and get hints. This word has five letters in standard mode. Additionally, you can lengthen the word to 11 letters.