Le Mot Wordle Francais

There is a le mot Wordle francais version of the popular English language Wordle game. This game provides French language learners with an opportunity to practice reading and writing in French. In this game, you have to create words out of given letters, then arrange them in an attractive manner. It is our goal to generate a word cloud displaying the most popular words. A player must be able to create interesting and challenging French words in order to win.

What is Le mot wordle?

Le Mot Wordle is a version of Wordle in French that you can use to practice your French vocabulary. If you speak more than one language, you can play two Wordle games in the same day.

Le Mot is similar to Wordle, but in French. We randomly select a word each day with five letters. There are six chances for you to figure it out. Your letters will change color based on where you are in finding the word.